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Selling a House in Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is a thriving waterfront city with a booming population and a prosperous economy based very much on the city's proud naval heritage. There is a consistently high demand for rental property and property investors are keen to buy homes to let in Portsmouth.

If you're selling a house in Portsmouth and it's in good condition, your home will likely catch the attention of countless property investors. Keep reading to find out why.

Is Now the Right Time to Sell in Portsmouth?

Despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the global pandemic, Portsmouth's economy looks set to remain stable in the coming years. It's no wonder property investors are keen to snap up houses, especially when the council has such ambitious plans to strengthen infrastructure, create jobs and make Portsmouth an all-round great place to live. Demand for rental property looks set to soar!

Brexit resiliency

In early 2020, a report predicted that Portsmouth was entering into a period of robust economic growth. This may have been written before the arrival of Covid-19, but it still shows that Portsmouth has everything in place to allow significant economic expansion despite a break with the EU.

Portsmouth's stable and growing economy is in part due to the Royal Navy, a huge local employer and economic contributor that is resilient to the impacts of Brexit. Furthermore, the majority of the city's commercial trading activity is centred around non-EU goods which will lessen the impact of any new restrictions.

Imagine Portsmouth 2040

An ambitious project with contributors ranging from city residents to large businesses all asking the question 'what do we want Portsmouth to look like in the future?'.

After numerous city-wide consultations and focus group meetings, six main goals, or 'visions', have been outlined: health, transport, sustainability, economy, culture and education. These goals are shared by residents, businesses, organisations and communities, so multilateral efforts will be made in the coming years to improve city life and make Portsmouth a great city for all. If you're selling a house in Portsmouth, now is a great time to capitalise on these progressive plans.

High rental demand

Nearly a quarter of all property in Portsmouth is rented and homeownership is low, which makes the city a prime choice for property investors. If you're selling a house in Portsmouth, it will likely be snapped up quickly for buy-to-let, especially if it's in good condition.


Although prices are rising, property in Portsmouth generally sells for less than elsewhere in the southeast region. Low prices combined with high rental demand means that landlords can see high returns when investing in the city.

Why Portsmouth is an Attractive City for Investors

Forward-thinking and ambitious property investors are keen to make the most of opportunities in Portsmouth. But why is Portsmouth such an attractive city for investors?

University of Portsmouth

Offering more than 200 undergraduate degree courses as well as a wide selection of post-graduate programmes, the University of Portsmouth has a significant role to play in the increasing local population and thriving job market. There are over 25,000 students at the university, and as many as 26% of these are international students. These astounding figures equate to high demand for student rental accommodation and show why foreign investors are keen to own property here.

Port city

True to its name, Portsmouth is waterfront port city and much of its economy centres around the maritime and defence industries. Home to the HMNB Portsmouth, one of the three naval bases in the UK, as much as 10% of the local workforce is employed here.

Portsmouth International Port is the second busiest port in the UK after Dover; millions of passengers pass through the port on their way to the Isle of Wight, Gosport, the Channel Islands, France and Spain. This means that Portsmouth is exceptionally well-connected and considered a gateway to Europe.


The city of Portsmouth celebrates its proud naval maritime history and is home to the wreck of Henry VIII's Tudor warship, the Mary Rose, and of course, the HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. These two major attractions as well as the 170-metre tall Spinnaker Tower and countless others bring in around 10 million visitors each year. The tourism industry is reported to generate in excess of £600 million and employs 10% of the local workforce.

Selling a House in Portsmouth Fast

If your property in Portsmouth is in good condition, you can expect to generate healthy interest when listing it on the open market and using a local estate agent. However, a speedy sale cannot be guaranteed and there are circumstances where homeowners need to sell a house fast without delays.

If you're selling a house in Portsmouth, why not get in touch with Zoom Property Buyer to hear more about our stress-free and simple service. We can buy your house in Portsmouth for cash and we won't charge you any fees. Even better, the whole process can be completed in a matter of days or weeks.

We are happy to buy property in any condition, so don't hesitate to give us a call on 0333 880 4362 or submit an enquiry using our online form.


Thinking about selling your house in Portsmouth?

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Here's why Portsmouth's rental market is thriving:

  • Strong economy + Brexit resiliency
  • Imagine Portsmouth 2040: regeneration + development
  • Soaring student population
  • Maritime industry and gateway to Europe
  • Over 10 million tourists per year

If you want to sell your house in Portsmouth fast, call Zoom on 0333 880 4362.

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