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No matter what state the property is in we will be happy to make a cash offer. And we’ll get back to you to get the ball rolling in 24hrs.

That means even if it’s fire damaged, waterlogged, has pests, or any other normal barrier to sale, that’s not an issue for us, we will buy any home in Bristol.

Our local experts are highly experienced in the Bristol area and will make sure you get a fair and generous offer. 

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Selling A House In Bristol

We’ll buy and sell any house in!


Maybe you’ve got a new job, maybe it’s a change in life circumstance or you’ve inherited a home. Whatever the reason you want to sell your house quickly, we’re here to help make the process as simple and fast as possible.


Has your house been damaged? Doesn’t matter if it’s fire, water or vermin. We’ll still make you an offer. Of course it will reflect the cost of dealing with the problem, but we simply reduce the actual cost, we don’t add anything extra. 


We’ll buy any property and because we’re cash buyers we don’t rely on banks so there’s no third parties to make things complicated. Just a nice easy process so if you want to sell a house fast in Bristol just come to us. 

We buy houses in every part of Birmingham, this includes

Ashley (Bristol ward)
Ashley Down
Ashton Gate, Bristol
Ashton Vale
Baptist Mills, Bristol
Barrs Court
Barton Hill, Bristol
Bedminster, Bristol
Bishopston, Bristol
Bower Ashton
Bradley Stoke
Brislington East (ward)
Brislington West (ward)
Bristol city centre
Bromley Heath
Broom Hill, Bristol
Broomhill, Frome Vale
Bullock’s Park
Canon’s Marsh
The Chessels
Cheswick, South Gloucestershire
Clifton, Bristol
Coombe Dingle, Bristol
Cotham, Bristol
Crew’s Hole, Bristol
Downend, South Gloucestershire
The Downs, Bristol
Durdham Down
Easton, Bristol
Eastville, Bristol
Emersons Green
Filwood (ward)
Frome Vale (ward)
Golden Hill, Bristol
Great Stoke
Greenbank, Bristol
Hillfields, Bristol
Kingsdown, Bristol
Kingsweston (ward)
Kingswood, South Gloucestershire
Knowle West
Knowle, Bristol
Lawrence Hill, Bristol
Lawrence Weston, Bristol
Lewin’s Mead
Lodge Hill, Bristol
Longwell Green
Mayfield Park, Bristol
Monks Park
Moorfields, Bristol
North Fringe of Bristol
Old Market, Bristol
Redcliffe, Bristol
Redfield, Bristol
Redland, Bristol
Ridgeway, Bristol
St Jude’s, Bristol
St Pauls, Bristol
Sea Mills, Bristol
Sneyd Park
Southville, Bristol
Speedwell, Bristol
Spike Island, Bristol
St Annes, Bristol
St George East
St George West (ward)
St George, Bristol
St Philip’s Marsh
St Werburghs
Staple Hill, Gloucestershire
Stapleton, Bristol
Stoke Bishop
Stoke Lodge
Stokes Croft
Totterdown, Bristol
Troopers Hill, Bristol
Two Mile Hill, Bristol
Tyndalls Park
Westbury Park, Bristol
Whitchurch, Bristol
Whitehall, Bristol
Windmill Hill, Bristol

Is Now The Right Time To Sell In Bristol

Bristol house prices actually went up 12% in some areas through 2020 despite everything that has happened. Bristol and cities like it are being described as “mini boom” cities and are becoming increasingly attractive to investors meaning that right now is actually a great time to sell as you’ll be able to get top rates.

With a thriving local economy in tech and renowned environmental policy Bristol is constantly attractive to people looking to get away from other cities and is in many ways the San Fransisco of the UK. A thriving arts scene and a wealth of cultural history from it being the starting point for many voyages to the new world to it’s architecture, music and thriving nightlife, it seems likely this area is going to go from strength to strength for the foreseeable future.

And seeing as we will buy any home in Bristol feel free to give us a call or fill in the form above. We can offer the best hassle free deals on the market and you could have a deal done in as little as 72hrs.

How it Works

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3. One of our expert staff will visit the property and provide a cash offer in principle.


4. You review your offer and we discuss any queries.

Cash Offer

5. You will receive a formal cash offer.


6. We’ll complete the fast house sale & send the funds to you.

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Estate Agent Costs vs Our Services

  Estate Agent – 9 Months Our Services – 7 Days
Market Value £150,000 £125,000
Offer Accepted £142,500 £125,000
Survey Negotiation £140,000 £125,000
Estate Agent Fees £136,640 £125,000
Solicitor Fees £134,690 £125,000
Mortgage Payments £128,440 £125,000
Monthly Bills £124,840 £125,000
Property Clean £123,840 £125,000
  Final Price = £123,840 Final Price = £125,000

* Figures shown above are based on a typically advertised property price of £150,000 and located in an area with average or above market conditions; including legal work and searches showing no issues in relation to the property. *

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