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It doesn’t matter why you need to sell your home in Bradford, or even what condition the property is in. We’ll be able to organise a cash deal within as little as seven days

That means you can sell your house in Bradford without the hassle of estate agents and without the fees. Selling has never been this simple. One of our local experts will visit the property and confirm your cash offer and we’ll be on call to answer any of your questions.

After you’ve reviewed our initial offer, you’ll get a formal offer. Once you’re happy with it and accepted there’ll be nothing left for you to do other that wait to receive your money. It’s that simple.

Then that’s it! Forget the thousands of pounds in fees and months of stress normally associated with buying a house. We believe in selling your house a different way. 

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Selling A House In Bradford


We’ll buy and sell any house in Bradford…fast!


We understand the many potential reasons why you’d want to sell your house quickly. Perhaps you got a new job, or your personal circumstances changed, or you’ve inherited a property. We promise to consider every application. 


No problems, we can still make a cash offer for your home, we’ll take care of the damage, you don’t need to worry.


Again, no worries, we’ll talk you through it all and help make sure you can unlock the cash you have in your home, which is likely your most valuable asset. 

We buy houses in every part of Bradford and it’s surrounding suburbs, this includes

Bingley Rural
Bolton and Undercliffe
Bowling and Barkerend
Bradford Moor
Clayton and Fairweather Green
Great Horton
Idle and Thackley
Keighley Central
Keighley East
Keighley West
Little Horton
Thornton and Allerton
Windhill and Wrose
Worth Valley

Is Now The Right Time To Sell In Bradford

Bradford is full of heritage, history and culture. Whether you want to visit the Bronte sisters in Haworth, or take a walk on the Ilkley Moors, Bradford has something for everyone. The town came to prominence as a textile town in the 19th century much like many other Yorkshire cities. 

Bradford also has an easy commute to Leeds although the property itself is generally significantly less valuable. The market itself has been growing in recent years, but due to recent circumstances is likely to slow down for some time. As such now is quite possibly the best time to sell property in Bradford, at least for some time.

How it Works

Offer Requested online form

1. Offer Requested via the online form.

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2. A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

cash offer

3. One of our expert staff will visit the property and provide a cash offer in principle.


4. You review your offer and we discuss any queries.

Cash Offer

5. You will receive a formal cash offer.


6. We’ll complete the fast house sale & send the funds to you.

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Estate Agent Costs vs Our Services

  Estate Agent – 9 Months Our Services – 7 Days
Market Value £150,000 £125,000
Offer Accepted £142,500 £125,000
Survey Negotiation £140,000 £125,000
Estate Agent Fees £136,640 £125,000
Solicitor Fees £134,690 £125,000
Mortgage Payments £128,440 £125,000
Monthly Bills £124,840 £125,000
Property Clean £123,840 £125,000
  Final Price = £123,840 Final Price = £125,000

* Figures shown above are based on a typically advertised property price of £150,000 and located in an area with average or above market conditions; including legal work and searches showing no issues in relation to the property. *

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