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6 Tips to Get Out of Debt Before You Sell Your House

Do you want to enjoy a fast house sale but you are already in some debt? It is easy to..

How to Sell my House Quickly for a Good Price

Time can be desirable when it comes to selling a house; it presents sellers with an..

How To Find Out How Old Your House Is

Do you want to know the history of your home or some information on who owned it..

Conveyancing: What is it? And Do I Need it to sell My House?

In short, conveyancing is the legal process required to transfer the ownership of a..

How Many Months Mortgage Arrears Before My House is Repossessed?

When you fail to pay your mortgage bills for more than one month you are classified as..

How much are solicitors fees when selling a house

When you sell your house you’ll often need to use a solicitor or conveyancer to deal..

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